Support the artist

Send Crypto and Fuel Creativity

Thank you for considering supporting my artistic journey!

Your contributions play a vital role in enabling me to push the boundaries of my art and upgrade my creative workflow. To show your appreciation and contribute to the growth of my artistic endeavors, you can send cryptocurrencies directly to the addresses provided below.

Additionally, I have compiled a list of items and resources that would greatly enhance my artistic process. Your generosity will have a direct impact on the quality and depth of my work.

Crypto Addresses for Support:

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q7stmtyvht35s5zt30939fwcadvzj3wwsttpysq

Ethereum (ETH): 0xF812408fc655530Ae21E69c1ff8B6C3Fe8828B63

Tezos (XTZ): tz1ZJg9p4p8pbr7HfqYRRprYhieXW98VT3Pu

Please ensure you send the desired cryptocurrency to the respective address mentioned. Your contribution will be received with immense gratitude, and every donation helps propel my artistic journey forward.

List of Items to Upgrade My Art/Workflow:

  1. High-Resolution Camera: A professional-grade camera will allow me to capture intricate details and produce high-quality images of my artwork.
  2. Studio Lighting Setup: Proper lighting equipment will help me create stunning visual effects, enhance color accuracy, and capture the true essence of my creations.
  3. Computer, screens & VR glasses: A workstation for editing high quality videos and rendering 3d scenes in realtime will help me to enrich my artistic expressions in the digital realm and thus push the boundaries of painting.
  4. iPad: A tablet enables me to create digital artwork with precision and fluidity, expanding my artistic possibilities in the three dimentionals space.
  5. Art Supplies: The foundation of any artist's toolkit, art supplies such as paints, brushes, canvases, and paper are essential for exploring new techniques and mediums.
  6. Digital Software and (AI)Tools: Access to industry leading software and digital tools allows me to experiment, refine, and add a digital touch to my artwork.
  7. Marketing and Promotion: Enhancing my online presence and promoting my work through professional marketing services will help me connect with a larger audience and expand my artistic reach.
  8. Art Residencies: Participating in art residencies provides invaluable opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, and personal growth. Support towards residency fees would greatly benefit my artistic development.