Felix Pensel


Technique: Carbon & water based quantum simulation

Format: 186 cm x 78kg

Year: 1988

Condition: High talented with signs of wear

Motivation: High like a kite

Explorations of culture and thinking crossing digital and analog worlds.

Felix Pensel is a trailblazing artist whose creative journey has taken him to renowned art spaces around the globe. Having exhibited in prestigious galleries such as Art Innovation Gallery in Hong Kong, @artcrush gallery in Paris, Super Chief Gallery in New York, and currently at the esteemed "Wagenschlag" gallery in Vienna, Felix's work has captivated audiences worldwide. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge mediums has garnered the attention of more than 500 collectors from diverse backgrounds, including renowned names such as @batsoupyum.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Felix's dedication to pushing artistic boundaries knows no bounds. His repertoire spans a wide range of techniques and mediums, including acrylic, spray paint, oil-based painting, detailed drawings, sculptures, objects, sound/music, voice, poetry, storytelling, installation, and performance. This expansive approach allows Felix to capture culture in a manner that transcends the confines of physical and digital worlds, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of our contemporary existence.

Felix's artistic journey was ignited by the transformative power of sub-cultural elements like graffiti and skateboarding. These influences have shaped his unique drawing and painting styles, infusing his work with an energy and dynamism that resonates with viewers. Building on this foundation, Felix has ventured into the realm of blockchain-based art since 2021, embracing the creative paradigm shift facilitated by artificial neural networks.

Since minting his first artwork on Tezos in June 2022, Felix's artistic vision has attracted a global audience, with over 350 collectors acquiring his pieces. His international recognition is further bolstered by an ever-growing list of esteemed collectors, including badsoupyum, Chris Ostoich, Clownvamp, and Artcrush Gallery. Prior to his illustrious artistic career, Felix studied illustration and typography at the University for Applied Science in Nuremberg, Germany, further enriching his artistic prowess and dedication to his craft.