Gm mfer 🔥

Gmgm! 👾

hope you good 💚

Burning unsold editions today!

Melting with stars

    Burning unsold editions of my last mint on objkt.comGood code can't die
    Blockchain: Tezos
    Edition: 500
    Price : 1 tez

    Why more than a jpg? 🥳

    The work is inspired by modern culture and will constantly interlace this influence with digital and physical techniques. Web3 enables me to deliver more value and grow infront of a worldwide audience.

    You have a roadmap?

    Kind of, yes :)

    On this timeline you see what I did so far and what I want to do next. Updates follow as soon as things are on the radar/ in progress (o) or already archived (x).

    2021Q3 2022Q4 2022Q1 2023
    Opensea (x) (x)SuperRare (x)Metaverse exhibitions (o)
    Ar Crypto Blocks Btc (x)Flowers & Bytes (o)Own smart contract (o)Collaborations (o)
    Solsea (x)Nice Rugs (o)Bees & Bits (o) 
    Output round 1 (x)mmxgan (o)Web3 verified (o) 
    Panic Goats (x)Nyci Nyso (o)Love, death & jpgs (o) 
    While True Do End (o)   

    There are a few very nice things in the pipeline! On twitter you will hear them probably first and on my instagram I share more behind the scenes and work in progress things.